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Patient Record - Obtaining Yours

A patient’s health record is the property of the Miramichi Regional Health Authority and is maintained for the benefit of you, the patient; your physician; and other members of the health care team.  You have access to your health record and can obtain copies by following these steps:

  • Fill out a “Patient Request for Medical Information” form available at the Health Records Department or on the Nursing Units.  Send the completed form to the Manager of Health records, Miramichi Regional Hospital, 500 Water St., Miramichi NB, E1V 3G5.

  • A 10$ fee must be enclosed with the form to cover the cost of searching and preparing the chart.  An additional copying fee of 1.00$ per page will be charged after five pages, to a maximum of $500.

  • If the patient is a minor, mentally incompetent, or has expired, the legal guardian or next of kin may authorize the release of information.

  • The Health Records Department has a minimum of three working days to process the requested information.  This included location of the records, making copies, etc.

  • It is recommended that a physician review the medical records with you to provide an interpretation of the medical terminology and hospital procedures.  An appointment with a physician can be arranged for you.