Miramichi Regional Hospital
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Mission, Vision and Values


The people of the Miramichi Regional Health Authority work with individuals, organizations and communities to:

  • Improve health and promote wellness
  • Prevent illness and protect the publicís health
  • Provide quality care and services
  • Ensure equitable access to services for the people we serve
  • Promote patient/client safety


Healthier people and healthier communities



  • We work together to improve services and empower people and communities to achieve healthier lifestyles (Optimum health).


  • We are responsible to provide services that are equitable accessible, integrated, patient/client centered and responsive to our communities, and for effective management of resources.
  • We are open and honest in what we do.

 Respect and Dignity

  • We are compassionate, caring and understanding in our decision-making, in serving our patients/clients and in our relationships with our colleagues and partners.
  • We ensure the confidentiality of the patient/client information.
  • We strive to earn peopleís trust in our services.

 Cultural Sensitivity

  • We will provide services in the patientís/clientís official language of choice, while being sensitive to the full cultural diversity of the region.

 Work Environment

  • We value the people of MRHA and aim to earn their loyalty by providing a welcoming, trusting, confidential and healthy workplace and by ensuring fair (and equitable) treatment.
  • We encourage personal and professional development.
  • We encourage volunteerism.


  • We strive to continuously improve our performance through leadership, competence, teamwork, creativity, adoption or appropriate norms of practice and innovation.